Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Leadership Part 1

Recently I went to a master course about organizational behavior. Over all the main focus of the course was surprisingly or not …Leadership.

We found out that a “leader” must be a European Christian (sharing European and Christian values, beliefs, attitudes etc.) and with a unique quality – putting others interests above his interests. But we found out later, that this is not really as much important as putting organization’s interests above all interests.

As a cartoon character would say: “So cute! …. But is WRONG!”. I really liked the se lecturers because they were pretty well intentioned and very convinced of their beliefs, but not necessarily in an aggressive or arrogant way.

In my opinion, Leadership is about VISION. Committing so strong to a vision and transmitting such a powerful image about it, that others get involved and put their efforts toward achieving it.

Although we can argue about good or bad leaders, without being necessarily right in our conclusions, we cannot talk about good or bad leadership. You cannot judge leadership as being true or not, and the only true measure of it stays in its followers (number and intensity of involvement) and in the change that it brings in the community or the world.

We can find leadership all over the world, and leaders from all the religions and beliefs …and in fact there is leadership inside every of us … but about that in a future article.

Simply Me.


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