Monday, March 14, 2005

How do people climb trees?

First let me explain the question:
People = you, me …anyone
Climb = accession, achieving smth
Trees = can be just trees, or it can be knowledge, social status, friendship, a better job, a skill etc.

So, how do people climb trees?

I think that facing this problem / question we can work on 4 main scenarios:
1. I am not interested in climbing trees, I just go with the flow / I am interested in something else

2. They get a ladder and just climb it (to get a ladder = shortcut gave by chance or a 3rd party)

3. They study it for a long time (think about if it is good to climb that tree or should I go for another, am I able enough to climb trees, do I really want to climb it etc…), they try to study how others approach the climbing, eventually make a plan, gather resources and in the end very few implement the plan. At every one of these steps there are a lot that simply give up and head for another tree or they abandon climbing.

4. They a have a look at the tree how tall is it, how is it structure, focus the objective (where exactly they have to reach) gather any nearby resources and try to climb it …Mainly …they JUST DO IT. They not necessarily get it on the first try, but they usually reach the top well before the 3’s and learn a lot more than the 2‘s.

What is the main difference between 4’s and 3’s? 4’s focus on performance and on getting the things done … The 3’s focus more on how it should be done, what can get wrong and a lots of other things that eventually means to late or never. “An obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the goal”.

What is the main difference between 4’s and 2’s? 2’s usually fall out of the tree because they are not yet used with the height. 4’s remain on top of the tree and get an easier climbing for other trees.

And above all is the feeling … When you put all your energy, your ideas, your strength in one thing you head for a feeling that the “universe itself conspires in achieving your goal”.

So focus on your values, find out which are the trees (objectives) that you want to climb and DO IT. Don’t wait for tomorrow because today doesn’t waits for you.


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