Monday, March 14, 2005


“If we love fear for the simple tool it offers of controlling people, we will be amazed by the power of people when they master their fears.”

Fear, a frightful word, even when thinking why we are pronouncing it, should make you shiver. Take a moment and think what “fear” was when you were a four year old.

Do not cheat. Take a moment to really find out who you are. That was the moment when you found out that a part of your life had rules. Sadly as it might appear fear is the first rule you take into consideration consciously. That’s the first limitation you can’t fully understand and, take my word, if you can’t understand it is even worst than a law.

The first step of seeing the problem is over, that’s the problem – fear, we dislike it, don’t understand it and probably is useful for those in the jungle now, not in social jungle, like we are. The second step is to realize the influence of fear over our lives, what fear brought and what would live when it disappears.

Fear has brought over the years limitations, limits to ourselves, explanations when explanations weren’t needed, step-backs when going ahead was meant, not taking responsibilities when it was in our power to do so, and lots of other mishaps. Also fear has covered our abilities to go further, doing extra efforts as we might fell short, and you know the say “You lose 100% of all the opportunities you don’t take”. Worst of all, fear has made us, average people, committed willfully to do nothing extraordinary as we might fell.

I will not emphasis the need to experience the world though failing in your activities, which is as precious as winning, and I will try to find solution to this problem.

MindSmith and the team of professionals who are standing behind the name are spending countless hours in trying to improve the life of various people. Improvement is to us the right way in life, and improving touches “fear” in many places. I can state, that humans do not need fear, we would do better without, but as we don’t get to choose in this area, the solution comes from a equilibrium, were fear doesn’t interfere in our daily life, but still being able to feel fear when jay walking.

At this moment you either decided to think we need fear, and you don’t have to change, or you chose to say I’d need less fear and I want to make the next step in doing so.

If you chose to change than this is what you should do. Ask yourself “How can I get rid of fear?” and you would have made the first significant step, wanting and accepting change is the first breaking of the natural rules of non-improvement.

Note this: The rule of non-improvement or of status conservation is to consider that you have reached the highest point of evolution and it more effective, as a cost to effort ratio, to try to remain at this level that to reach higher in the evolution.

That means that you want to reach further, you want to change and to adapt to the new environment. I want to add here that this self governing policy helps you, on the long run, to change the environment you are working in.

Steps we generally follow in overcoming fear:
• Realize that you are afraid
• Manage your fears
• Separate your logic fears from you subconscious fears
• Deal with your logic fears to become top 10% performing people
• Understand your subconscious fears
• Take a “chase your fear” couching program
• Outperform 99% of people by going faster, further with higher ethics and better quality
• Matching your inner person with your life targets

This material is written in order to serve you as a starting point from where to begin in overcoming fear.

You subdue fear or fear will subdue you. Don’t be afraid, make the first step.

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Mihai A. Pop


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