Saturday, March 19, 2005

Forgive and Forget

“Forgive and Forget”, we hear a lot lately of this phrase in the American movies, it may be right as it may be wrong.

I wanted to start this article with forgiving and forgetting as in my view this words are connected, From my experience I can state that a man in order to be efficient and organized has to forget. What? Yes, has to forget non-meaningful activities in order to concentrate on top-of-mind activities. Forgiving comes into this story as “forgive those who forget, don’t forgive those who don’t plan”.

Going further in this action takes as to the willing and determination that makes us to make a step. Take a minute and think what will make you try to take an adventure trip in the mountains in a team you don’t know anyone, although you’ve been presented with a presentation of the trip.

Did you think? Do you have a short list of at least three?

In order to help you I’ve stated my short list of three:
- do something interesting; having fun and learning;
- making new friends;
- have a life experience which I will probably like.

Now we have to move this experience in the business area. Let’s say that the adventure trip is the new workplace, with a new team, you already have a shallow idea of what you’ll do and what we’ll happen.

Now take the upper short list and see if fits the new challenge. It must, because the person who will take the new adventure is the same, and if you start optimistic you have a far better chance to succeed. Though our values at MindSmith we enjoy on taking any new challenge and we want to find with you what to forget and who to forgive in our lifespan. And for sure MindSmith means to help you take on an adventure you would have never taken.

Make this step.
Just do it.

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Mihai A. Pop


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