Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fear and Forgetting

Those were two of my topics I reached for the past month. Do have a look at the two articles I’ve wrote. It takes just a minute.

Why do I pay great interest in debating such nasty aspects of human character? Why do we even bather to challenge those aspects, instead we could’ve focused in growing the skills we already have.

In our trainings we generally say that in our life we should concentrate 70% of our efforts in getting better in such areas we already posses the skill at a high level – A area, 25% of our efforts should go to the skills which we have, but the skill needs more time to develop – B area, and only 5% to the areas where we lack the skill – C area. Development in all areas is necessary, and by applying statistics, these were the real results.

This theory is even more so to strengthen our belief, as important efforts should go fighting with fear and controlling forgetting. We call this aspect FFF – fighting fear and forgetting.

In reality FFF takes little of your time (C area – 5%), when you are keen in improving your life, and results are way better then firstly predicted (effects in A and B areas the “95%”). In FFF we meet two types of results, the first one are the “losers”, people who haven’t made the “step forward”, and “winners”, well, I think we now this category. They managed fear and controlled forgetting.

We have the example here of how 5% of your efforts gives you 95% more result. By overcoming fear, you will take the next step and improve A and B areas, which other ways you wouldn’t have done. And by controlling forgetting you will get more from the same amount of time and resources. And if this improves your life by as little as 2% more than the average individual, for each year of your life then this says that in 40 years time you will be 2.2 times as skilled as compared with the average person. Imagine what 95% improvement each year more than the average will do for you. In as much time you will become a one man army.

Let me ask what makes the Forbes 100 people more successful than you?
In my humble opinion I think that creating and mastering luck. Yes, “luck” you got it well, only that “luck” is called in today’s words “opportunity”.

Are you skilled enough to master opportunities? If yes what holds you back? Is it fear? Or did you already forget what was it about?

You have to take the “step forward” in FFF. So don’t forget.

Just do it.


Mihai A. Pop


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